turn off LED by default?

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turn off LED by default?

Post by KieraHarkon »

I have the spacepilot pro and when i start CMJ it turns on the LED ring when it's off by default, and i have to manually go in and turn it off every single time. Is there a way to have CMJ load without turning on the spacepilot pro's LED ring?

Even if i have to edit/hexedit a file, let me know what to change and i'll do it. Because this light coming on is driving me nuts. I'm one of those people that can't have any lights on while gaming.
Thank you.
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Re: turn off LED by default?

Post by DevRuss »

As you have seen, CMJ will flash the LED ring off-on and leaves it on, regardless of the previous state. There is no workaround, but we will try to get a fix for this in the next version.
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