C++ (or C) SDK?

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C++ (or C) SDK?

Post by alefsin »

I have downloaded HVDK 2.1 and have noticed that there are only libraries and examples for C# as well as Delphi. Are you planning to release a C++ (or C) header/library for basic communication with the driver? Even a simple example would help to setup the environment correctly to call the driver.

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Re: C++ (or C) SDK?

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This is a great suggestion and we are planning to release C and C++ sample code, but aren't expecting this real soon. Doing a C or C++ conversion should be easy as the Microsoft calls and structures are all documented in C and C++, while we had to convert these to C#.
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Re: C++ (or C) SDK?

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Thanks for info......
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Re: C++ (or C) SDK?

Post by ghosteedd »

I was also interested in this topic. I published my library for communication with drivers from C++/Python code.

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Re: C++ (or C) SDK?

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Hello there, Im really sorry for bumping old thread, just searching similar information about this situation, to fix my prob. Can someone help me may be?
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