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Version Released

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1) Updated app and driver certificates.
2) Minor UI fixes.

--------------------------------- Final December 1, 2020

1) Updated the way you set themes and removed some old themes that could cause errors.
2) Removed the News tab. We just didn't like the concept of it dialing out to get the 'latest updates' .txt file every now and then.
3) Added support for relative mouse movement script actions. This includes the installation of the new relative mouse driver.
4) Fixed a bug where when you attempted to bind an output/joystick axis it would also send a Hat0 buttonpress to the joystick driver. Now it no longer sends that keypress.
5) Changed the 'enable profile target' control to a simple checkbox along with some explanatory verbage.

--------------------------------- Final June 9, 2020

1) Now when CMJ starts, the controlmyjoystick.xml DxWare profile is copied with a forced overwrite. Sometimes on Steam installs, this would fail, leaving DxWare behaving oddly.
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