D850 and windows10

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michel legendre
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D850 and windows10

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I use 2 different D850 for books digitization, one for left page and the other for right page of course. I use 2 PCs with CMN 5,6 on each one.
One is on Windows 7 , and it works correctly but the other one (don't ask why here) is on Windows 10 this one doesn't work...!!! The systeme sees the camera but I can't connect with CMN. I can't even see the TCP-IP trigger option available wich I normaly use to trigger both cameras via a third App.

I made all the interchangeability options white the one that works (cable, camera settings)...nothing change : windows 10 and ControilMyNikon 5,6 can't make my Nikon D850 talk together..
Any help here?
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