Space Mouse Module USB Joystick misbehaving

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Space Mouse Module USB Joystick misbehaving

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I have gotten my hands on a Space Mouse Module USB (actually 2 of them). Esssentilally being a 3D Connexion space mouse that registers as an ordinary USB joystick, unfortunately only available to industrial customers through their distributor Megatron I was happy my company to be a customer with. WHich is striking, as the request for native Joystick support is an ever returning request on the §DC forums and they once even set out with a beta program that really looked promising until they cancelled it altogehter. Anyway this device under gamecontroller options appears as generic 6 axis, 2 buttons HID joystick with 2 buttons (that are esssentially non existant but a mere remainder of the original Space Mouse design in the driver.

Anyway it registers fine and under the game controller panel shows well centered with a raw data value range of +/-350. Now when I add this device as HID controller in CMJ it shows up üproperly but as soon I touch it immediately "recenters" all axes all way left at -350. I can move the axe cursors with the controller all way left but it always falls back to - 350 making it practically unuisable - this is only within CMJ, it works as intended in games as it does in Win system panel, however without tweaking the axe characteristics is pretty hard to handle the intended controls.

Question: ist there a way to recalibrate from within CMJ or manually adjust the actual vallue read as zero per regedit or ini file (the option in the panel does not give the expected result as it shifts just the lower output value)?
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Re: Space Mouse Module USB Joystick misbehaving

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I'm not sure about the industrial spacemouse component you are trying, but it would need to be recognized as a 3dconnexion device to have any hope of working in CMJ, but in the code I don't see any reference to an industrial module. Using it as a HID device is untested here, but there isn't a way to recalibrate, unfortunately.
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