Axis merging\splitting

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Axis merging\splitting

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UCR (universal controller remapper) allows merging two axis controllers into one. The situation I have: Pedals in a VTOL aircraft that has a tailrotor rotation axis. Positive axis is right, negative to the left. In UCR and VJOY, this works pretty well, but I cannot define a great dead zone or curve the way I can in tetherscript ControlMyJoystick.

IN UCR, I can also SPLIT an axis into multiple others. This allows me to create POV or multistate switches that take their cues from a slider or ministick. However, the implementation is a bit... ...well, complex. I have to create multiple vJoy instances to do what I want in UCR, and have at least one vJoy as both an input and output device in order to split an axis multiple times and have it actually function normally. For some reason, vJoy does not like accepting a controller's outputs as input to another axis on the same controller.

Both of these functions are useful, and I could also see this turning a joystick, ministick, or other mouselike stick\device into a set of pedals for racing games; it increases the "accessibility" for people with handicaps or disabilities. Just an afterthought, but I tried it, and it works far better than digital controls in older nascar games. I had a coworker who is paralyzed below the waist try it. He loved it. It made him feel like he could really drive again.

Check with UCR about how they implement this. I'm sure they'd help.

For now, I'm stuck with using ucr to split\merge axes, and then use the vjoy controller to map that through your driver. There's not a lot of lag, but it's there. I'd really like to get this working for Comanche Gold. The best comanche game. A bit arcade-ish for opening, but the actual gameplay once you're in the pilot seat is absolutely awesome, if you can get your joystick to function correctly. Your driver works pretty well in that respect, but the tail rotor is a bit laggy the way I have it rigged. I'd like to do it with one driver and take out the lag.
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