Dual Stick Support

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Dual Stick Support

Post by Sven »

Hi there,

I've got a setup containing two T.16000M Flightsticks (FCS SPACE SIM DUO).
Both are shown in the "Select Device" list with the same name "T.16000M" and when I try to add them as input devices, only the left stick (the first one maybe) is added, no matter which list entry I choose.

Is there any chance to grab the input from both of these?

Best regards,
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Re: Dual Stick Support

Post by DevRuss »

Unfortunately, dual stick with identical sticks is not possible. Few, if any hardware providers give an identifying number (serial number) to their joysticks, and we can't use the usb bus location since that can change. Tried this with a pair of T.16000M sticks during dev of the joystick features, much cursing ensued due to this limitation.
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